HB, currently in New York City

I like surfing, hot chicks and champagne


I have different ones depending on the conditions. The daily drivers are 5’9 x 19 x 2 5/9 or 5’8 x 18 1/2 x 2 1/4. 

Anonymous: "dude that mini-driver looks like it shreds like a motherfucker"

Haha. I haven’t taken it out yet so I don’t know. I borrowed one before and I loved how skate-y it was.

Anonymous: "are you friends with pchcrew?"

No. She seems cool though.

Cherrs to the end of summer
Anonymous: "left or right"

Right. Unless it’s Lowers…then left.

Anonymous: "Do you think its advisable to use a shortboard for someone learning to surf?"

Sure. You can use a groveler and skip the longboard altogether.

New board status
Anonymous: "do you have specific go to surf spots you frequent?"

Lowers, HB northside, Seal Beach jetty, Sunset/Bolsa in SoCal. The MTK lighthouse in New York.

Anonymous: "you should teach me how to surf no joke"

I’ll be at the Seal Beach river jetty all day tomorrow. Come paddle out and I’ll teach you.


Show your versatility like @bethanyhamilton. From airs to barrels to carves like this, Bethany has been blowing minds all over the world. We can’t wait to see what’s next. #SurfingIsEverything | photo: @mick_curley_photo
Anonymous: "ish the weekend bitch! any plans?"

Idk yet. I guess surf all day, chill on the boat, and party with the hopes of getting laid? Good times.

Anonymous: "I got in my school's research program. Hopefully I get to be able to write a thesis. Do you have any topics in mind already?"

Cool dude. Sounds like fun. What field of study are you specializing in?
Ummm…idk yet actually. I haven’t really thought about it yet. It’s just kinda at the back of my mind. I really wanna do something master’s level like structured finance (maybe derivative hedging or risk transference) and how it relates to risk adjusted cost on capital. Something along those lines would be interesting.

Anonymous: "Are you planning on doing an undergrad thesis?"