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I like surfing, hot chicks and champagne

Anonymous: "so i have an interview for my first corporate job. any tips on making a good impression?"

Dress impeccably. Wear something that makes you look like you’re someone that matters. Wear a watch. Highlight your achievements and specialized skills. Emphasize how you’re an asset; how you can increase the company’s bottom line. Do your research about the company. Interviews are a two way street. Ask them questions as well. Never accept a first offer. Negotiate for a higher salary but never for greater time off benefits. Good luck.


Royalty Revived. Princess Melusine Ruspoli celebrates #theFIAMMA legacy at http://tinyurl.com/kgvj2cu
Anonymous: "Stereotype the valley. 818"

Hahahahaha. I’m probably gonna get a lot of hate, but cheap drugs and STDs. It’s like LA’s New Jersey.

Anonymous: "What are some of your favorite blogs you follow"

alanareneblanchard, armani, tiffanyandco, lakeypeterson, dior, classicallystyled, elliejeancoffey, pchcrew, barneysny, tatianaweston-web, atlanticaloha, 7sunriseoversea, yaleuniversity, moneyisnotimportant, taylorswift, stanfordbusiness, newyorkexplorer, bergdorfgoodman. Pretty much whoever I reblog from.

Anonymous: "anything fun to do in huntington?"

Other than surfing or hanging out in your boat? Nothing. You’re better off going to LA.


Upper East Side - New York City - New York - USA (von Vivienne Gucwa)

Ashley Benson

The Met Life Building on Park Ave.
Anonymous: "tell us a secret you're really ashamed off"

I really like that one song about this random chick in her American Apparel underwear. I think it’s by One Direction or sumshit like that. It’s catchy.

Anonymous: "I would like to say that I respect you. Most people your age don't know what to do with their lives but it seems like you know exactly what you want and how to achieve it at such a young age. You seem really smart and you get to go balling because of hard work. I wish I had your drive. Respect man."

Thanks dude. Work hard, party harder.

Anonymous: "How old are you? It seems like you've already achieved a lot so what's the end goal? There has to be something more you're looking for in life."

I turned 20 a few months ago. Umm…the biggest thing I want to achieve is opening up my own hedge fund. Short term, I want to graduate summa cum laude, work at JP Morgan as an investment banker and get my MBA in Wharton or Yale. I eventually want a family at some point. One of my main goals right now is get a bigger yacht than my brother’s, preferably with a helipad. I’m not really looking for anything. I’m pretty content with my life.