HB, currently in New York City

I like surfing, hot chicks and champagne

Anonymous: "i tookk you advice and went town to sakal to scope out their boards. they still have the trade in thing you were saying only it depends on the condition of the board i guess. im more confused now more than ever. its going to be my first shortboard. do you think we can meet up so you can help me out? i promise im not a freak."

Just get a custom and be done with it. Ummm…I won’t be back in SoCal until Friday or Saturday. Send me a message off anon and let’s get you ripping.

Anonymous: "Hiiiii. Its Caley's friend again. How was your day?"

Hola. It was good thank you; considering it’s like 11 o’clock and I’m still at work. And yours? Dude…just text me. It’s kinda weird talking to you here.



I love Lowers. Always something new. lmfao

I want to go, but I feel like I would be a tourist. And I hate tourist.

Photoz by Theo Wenner, boy genius.
Anonymous: "You dated my friend Caley a few years back."

Oh. Haha. Good times. I still don’t know who you are though.

Anonymous: "Hi Lo. You know me irl. I didn't know you had a Tumblr. (: Just dropped by to tell you I have a huge crush on you. Ahahaha. <3 <3 <3"

What? Dude who are you? Text me. Let’s hang.

Anonymous: "what other ocean related activities do you enjoy aside from surfing?"

Uummm…sailing, kayak, swimming, jetski, snorkeling, scuba. That’s all I can think of right now.


BEAUTIFUL sailing yacht from Dubois

Lay day
2014 Hurley Pro &amp; Swatch Women’s Pro: Sept. 9 - 20
Surfer | Lakey Peterson
Photo | wjameskessel
Seamasters are for the sea.
PCH &amp; Main = move bitch get out the way.
Morning froth
Anonymous: "as one of the few guys i follow what are your opinions on girls that surf non pro i mean average everyday surfers"

They’re cool. I like them.