HB, currently in New York City

I like surfing, hot chicks and champagne

Anonymous: "Raddest pro surfer youve met"

Brett Simpson


Congratulations Peyton Manning, as much as I am a @nygiants fan, you have been my favorite player for as long as I can remember. Breaking one record at a time. No one can question your greatness and a living legend.  #peytonmanning #18 #509 #recordbreaker #TDpasses #stillgoing


Milana Vayntrub
@ kn0wy0u.tumblr.com

The AT&T commercial chick is kinda freaking hot.

Heads up! Something’s happening on @itunesmusic at around 11:59pm EST Monday night.. 
Available worldwide:)
Anonymous: "What do u find best about living in hb?"

I don’t live in HB anymore. But to answer your question:

Hot chicks. Hot chicks everywhere.

Failed attempt at being artsy
Anonymous: "the love & appreciation of a small town girl if thats worth anything to you where are you headed anyway?"

Sounds valuable and expensive. Deal. I’ll take it. Haha. As for where I’m going; ummm…with any luck, hopefully trouble.

The view from the new Paris office looks kinda nice. At least there’s a little bit of the Eiffel Tower…and it doesn’t smell like pee.
Anonymous: "insta"

Oh. Haha. It’s jrlowers. I barely use it though.


ph. Shutter Pat
Anonymous: "You're kinda dating?"

Si. A couple of people but nothing serious…hence “kinda”.

Anonymous: "what is it"

What’s what? I’m confused. Sorry, I’m still kinda hungover.

Anonymous: "I thought you hated quads"

I don’t hate them, I just prefer thrusters. I only use the quad because east coast surf sucks and this chick I’m kinda dating back home is learning how to surf so we paddle out in the smaller stuff. I’d rather deal with a quad than a log Gotta catch something somehow.

Anonymous: "you have insta?"