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I like surfing, hot chicks and champagne

Anonymous: "In regards to wetsuits what brands do you use? What do you look for when buying one?"

I have a Rip Curl E-Bomb 4/3, a Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 3/2 and a Hurley Fusion 302. I look for the standard stuff. Comfort, durability, quality craftsmanship, stretchiness, warmth and value. All wetsuits are pretty much the same in terms of quality tbh; at least from the big brands. The only reason I use Rip Curl is because the hook ups I have at the Rip Curl store gave me a better deal than my hook ups at HSS…and I love the gigantic picture of Alana Blanchard at the store front. And the only reason I bought the Hurley was because the girl who was helping me was hot. Other than they’re all the same.

Anonymous: "do you find jen lawrwnce attractive?"

If you’re referring to Jennifer Lawrence then unfortunately no. I don’t. I’m sure she’s a nice person though and I like her movies.


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Anonymous: "what are some off the drawbacks living in the city? it cant be all good times all the time"

It’s probably the high cost of living. I believe it’s one of the highest, if not the highest in the world. Unfortunately, it all boils down to how much income you’re bringing in. Like I spend about 15-20 grand a month on just living expenses, not including pleasurable expenses. Then again I have maid service and car service as well. I’m not very frugal when it comes to those things. It’s a very money centric place and it’s not for everyone. Like if you see something cheap you automatically assume there’s something wrong with it.

It’s a pretty cool place…if you can afford it.

Anonymous: "dating anyone atm?"

Yeah. Couple of people but nothing too serious.


Fall 2014 Rip Curl Swim
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Lakey Peterson - US Open 2012
Anonymous: "for that anon who asked what colors go best with nantucket reds - i used to work at Murray's Toggery Shop and the only colors they'd let us put on the manakins w/ reds on were white, navy blue, and occasionally yellow."

There you go.

Anonymous: "lucky. never surfed with dolphins before"

Haha. Yeah. It’s pretty cool…except for the 2 second heart attack when a fin pops up.

2 dolphins decided to join the party for a few waves. So cool.

Anonymous: "Suggestions on any local bars in hb?"

I don’t really go drinking in HB. I go to LA. The ones I’ve liked are The Speakeasy, The Irishman and Red Chair Lounge. 2nd Street in Long Beach might be a better option; if you don’t mind drunken college kids and homeless people all over the place. Oh, and if you or anyone you’re with is underage, slip them a hundy and any of those places will look the other way.

Enjoy and don’t drink and drive.


Anonymous: "Hey. What color shirt goes together with nantucket red?"

Baby blue, white, black or lavander. Stripes or plaid would work better as long as it’s a combination of those colors. A white and tan belt would add a nice accent to it as well. You go to the island too?