HB, currently in New York City

I like surfing, hot chicks and champagne

New York bound.

Full view from today…

@rickycarlo wearing a Viola Milano “Deep Sea” 7-fold Garza fina grenadine tie & “Blue” handrolled shoestring linen pocket square… 

Jacket: Kiton (Wool/Vicuna) - Shirt: Fray - Watch: Rolex GMT II - Bracelets: Viola Milano 


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Having to fire someone, no matter how grievous the mistake or how much they deserve it, sucks.

atlanticaloha said: Pretty! Follow my new blog ya hoe. Surfbarbie. It’s stuff you’d prob like. Well not the overly girly stuff, but the fashion and luxury aspects.

Dunzo. If I’m gonna be a hoe I should at least be the high class one. The one for politicians and hedge fund managers.

Anonymous: "I saw a red california with no plates parked at the strand yesterday and instantly thought of you."

Haha. HB parking sucks. Valet is the way to go. You should have left a note. We could’ve had some shots.


Press Statement from US Department of State
Support for the Transition from the Peace and Consolidation Mission in the Central African…View Post
Everytime Marie Harf is on TV, I’m suddenly interested in what the State Department has to say.
Anonymous: "are those carbon fibrr patches really useful or just clever marketing?"

Not really in a sense that it doesn’t increase performance. It does help with the durability of the tail end. All the pumping adds a lot of stress, especially when you ollie and land airs. It’s not a necessity but it’s nice to have…and it looks pretty cool.


A new classic. Shop the look: here. #POLO
Anonymous: "Top 5 best and worst things about NYC"

1. 5th Avenue
2. Services for whatever you want
3. Best cuisine ever
4. Most luxurious everything
5. They don’t card for any illicit thing you want

1. No surf
2. No surf
3. No surf
4. No surf
5. No surf

Anonymous: "what is your ethnic background"

1/4 Hawaiian 1/4 Irish 1/4 Asian 1/4 Spaniard. My parents are both halfies.

Anonymous: "are you currently in love with anyone right now?"



lovesa lowers left || #DontWantToRideAPlaneAllDay #GetMeAChocolateCroissantAlready #AreWeThereYet? (at eventually i will be in france)

That	Lowers left though